Rescale Launches Simulation Data Governance, Traceability and Collaboration Tools

Create a digital thread between CAD, simulations and AI/ML workflows.

The on-demand high-performance computing (HPC) and engineering computational resource company Rescale has just announced its new data management and digital thread offering: Rescale Metadata Management. The tool will help engineers govern data, collaborate, collate data for AI/ML workflows and trace decisions and information pertaining to simulation. The cloud-based tool is available to all Rescale users, without any implementation or workflow changes. The tool also integrates with legacy CAD, PLM and SPDM tools.

(Image: Rescale.)

(Image: Rescale.)

“Simulation collaboration across our engineering disciplines is essential in making fast and accurate product decisions,” said Brandon Haugh, director of Modeling and Simulation at Kairos Power, in a release. “Rescale Metadata Management allows engineers to capture context on components, parameters and performance outcomes, accelerating engineering decisions and product delivery time. Rescale provides a source of truth for our engineering data to capture the intent and outcome of every simulation, making insights easily accessible and decisions that are traceable for all teams involved. This helps us meet tight R&D timelines, while reducing time spent managing data and preventing duplicate work.”

Some use cases pointed out in the Rescale Metadata Management press release include:

  • Model-based collaboration: Where teams can share up to date information, data, context and simulation results via visual models of the designs.
  • Simulation data traceability: Where teams can get a holistic view of simulation history, decisions, inputs, findings and approvals for cases of regulatory audits or troubleshooting.
  • Simulation data governance: Where teams can enforce standard data processes and policies to improve data quality and completeness.

To see what Rescale Metadata Management can offer a simulation engineering team, watch the video below.

Rescale Metadata Management demo video. (Video: Rescale.)

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