Rescale Boosts Its Cloud-Accessible Processing Power with ScaleX Labs with Intel

Intel Xeon Phi processors are designed for parallelism and available on demand for HPC.

Cyclist slipstream visualization.  (Imarge courtesy of Rescale.)

Cyclist slipstream visualization. (Imarge courtesy of Rescale.)

Fed up with waiting for hours (or days) to run complicated engineering simulations on your office desktop computer? I know I am.

Thankfully Silicon Valley–based cloud simulation service provider Rescale has announced a collaboration with Intel and R Systems to boost performance for its already-powerful high performance computing (HPC) cloud platform.

The collaboration, dubbed ScaleX Labs with Intel, will feature Intel Xeon Phi processor capability as well as Intel Omni-Path Fabric, and the HPC hardware will reside at R Systems’ HPC data center in Champaign, Ill., allowing subscribers of the Rescale ScaleX Pro service to access HPC power from the comfort of their own desktop computer. The new Intel Xeon Phi processors are designed with parallelism in mind, allowing more tasks to be performed in parallel and hence reducing simulation time.

In addition to the raw processing power offered by the latest Intel processors, Rescale is promising best-in-class security protocols and certifications as well as ITAR compliance. So you can be sure that your IP is not only secure—you also won’t be treading on any arms export–related toes either (providing you don’t intentionally email your intercontinental ballistic missile flight dynamics simulations to Kim Jong Un).

As part of the ScaleX Labs with Intel program, Rescale is currently offering four weeks of free access to the ScaleX Pro platform. Additionally, users of the service are promised beta access to ScaleX Developer, an intuitive GUI for job management and collaboration, as well as preconfigured and optimized codes for use on Intel Xeon Phi processors.

Rescale has already demonstrated the utility of this platform for aerospace fluid dynamics simulation with Bombardier and has also teamed up with Autodesk to bring cloud simulation to injection molding simulation. The platform is becoming a favorite for automotive, mechanical and science institutes that all wish to have easy access to outsourced HPC cloud capabilities.

Bear in mind that the Rescale service does not include simulation software itself; rather it offers the computational power to perform simulations for a range of packages from partner companies such as ANSYS, Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk and COMSOL (to name but a few). You will need to have a licensed copy of your software of choice in order to use the service, and the company has ensured compatibility with your chosen simulation software.

You can find a list of compatible software here.

You can sign up with ScaleX Labs with Intel here.