Real-time Physics Simulation in IC.IDO 10 Virtual Reality

ESI releases the latest version of their IC.IDO VR software.

Last week, ESI Group announced the release of the latest version of their virtual reality (VR) solution, IC.IDO 10. Currently manufacturers from automotive, energy, aerospace, commercial vehicles and various other industries use VR software for their virtual prototyping needs.

As we’ve shown before, IC.IDO uses cutting edge VR to help engineers assess the appearance and behaviour of their designs. Additionally, VR software can be used to perform various optimization tasks in the product design cycle. As IC.IDO performs real-time physics simulations within the tests, the reactions of objects are more realistic than your traditional VR platform. This helps engineers review their designs and eliminate errors earlier in the process.

The testing can be done throughout the product lifecycle from manufacturing, engineering and aftersales. With IC.IDO, Engineers can ensure optimal maintenance, assembly/disassembly and manufacturing. The VR systems can even be used to train operators or employees performing maintenance or manufacturing tasks.

According to Renaud Deligny, a specialist for automotive manufacturer Renault, “We’re excited about this latest release and expect a lot from IC.IDO 10 in terms of physics simulation for flexibles and kinematic chains, manikin manipulation, data flow and workflow organization. Our objective, with the help of IC.IDO, is to increase the quality and efficiency of our assembly validations, and to decrease our development times.”

The IC.IDO user interface allows you to manipulate the objects in the simulation. With the new release, users and organizations can also manage and create libraries of reusable objects to reduce future simulation production times.

Additionally, the release features IDO.Illuminate, which will improve the virtual lighting without affecting the interactions or other program features. This addition will be most beneficial when optimizing manufacturing processes; users will be able to assess minimum lighting requirements to ensure operator safety.

Finally, the release comes complete with the IDO.Process module, which assists in the planning and validation of product assemblies.

Currently, ESI’s IC.IDO customers include Airbus, Chrysler, Ford, Lockheed Martin, Bausch & Stroebel, Volkswagen, Fiat, Hyundai, Siemens, and Caterpillar.

Source ESI Group

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