Purchase ANSYS’ Pay-Per-Use Licensing on Rescale’s On-Demand HPC Platform

ScaleX can now manage ANSYS Elastic Units.

Manage your ANSYS Elastic Units on Rescale’s ScaleX HPC Platform (Image courtesy of Business Wire.)

Manage your ANSYS Elastic Units on Rescale’s ScaleX HPC Platform (Image courtesy of Business Wire.)

The cost associated with licensing simulation software, and getting hardware that can run it, have created an ivory tower that many small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) have been unable to climb.

In addition, perhaps in terms of the simulation user experience, the cost and rigidity once associated with licensing and high performance computing (HPC) are the biggest limiting factors to the expanded use of computer-aided engineering (CAE) software.

This has created two trends in the simulation industry that are predicted to expand in 2018. The tools used to run simulation software will become more flexible, and the licenses needed to access these tools will become equally more flexible. This has been apparent with the rise of token-based licensing, pay-as-you-go licensing, and the ability to run simulation on either the cloud or GPUs.

The prediction that this trend will continue has been proven true now that engineers can manage their pay-as-you-go ANSYS licenses using the Rescale on-demand HPC cloud platform.

“Pay-per-use licenses from ANSYS have been very popular with Rescale customers since we introduced ANSYS Elastic Licensing to the platform in 2016. Now we’re delivering the additional flexibility of being able to seamlessly purchase elastic units on demand directly through the Rescale platform,” said Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale. “I’m confident that our customers will be delighted by the frictionless on-demand and flexible licensing experience.”

ANSYS Elastic Units give users access to the full simulation portfolio, be it structures, fluids or electronics. Rescale’s ScaleX gives users pay-as-you-go on-demand access to as many cores as they need to run their simulations quickly and efficiently. Now with ScaleX, users will be able to purchase ANSYS Elastic Units in three different packages.

“Simulation is becoming ubiquitous, allowing engineers to assess more design possibilities and make better decisions throughout the product life cycle. Access to ANSYS on the ScaleX platform can be deployed in hours to increase their simulation throughput—empowering companies to innovate more and increase product quality while cutting costs and time to market,” said Todd McDevitt, director of product management at ANSYS. “We also see tremendous value in the Rescale administrative portal, which provides IT and engineering managers with detailed usage metrics and control to manage hardware and software budgets.”

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