PTC’s New AgileWorx is an Industry-First Agile Software Solution

PTC AgileWorx is the first Agile project management solution designed for product engineering teams.

PTC AgileWorx gives users the visibility to bring software, systems and hardware teams together to streamline operations and find impediments that are blocking progress.

As designers and manufacturers continue to bring robust smart and connected products to market for multiple product categories with a range of unique needs, the need for dependable system architectures and management solutions has never been as prevalent as it is today. 

A longstanding leader in managing the lifecycle of connected devices with software solutions, PTC is continuing to expand on its suite of tools with the announcement of PTC AgileWorx, a central hub for engineering teams to visualize work in progress, prioritize activities, identify dependencies and remove impediments during the product lifecycle.

Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers building complex, smart and connected products, AgileWorx is an industry first that aims to solve the problems that arise when applying Agile principles to the realm of product engineering.

“Agility is the optimized response to change,” said Roque Martin, senior vice president and general manager of PTC’s Application Lifecycle Management segment. “How well manufacturers can adapt will determine their ability to win. We created PTC AgileWorx to give customers the competitive edge needed to accelerate their Agile engineering journey.” 

According to PTC, companies that successfully deploy agile practices can accelerate their innovation by up to 80 percent—a vast improvement when considering that the speed in which organizations respond to these opportunities will increasingly determine their ability to outperform, let alone survive, in the marketplace. 

Key PTC AgileWorx features that can aid manufacturers in finding new levels of engineering agility include:

  • Unifying cross-discipline teams through providing visibility into team activities and links to CAD, application lifecycle management and product lifecycle management systems of record for more informed decision-making
  • Safeguarding quality and safety through enabling teams to leverage and extend their existing quality and compliance frameworks
  • Organizing for product variants through the supports of component-based development and product line engineering to maximize reuse and reduce cost
  • Connecting to real-world insight through actively supporting the integration of IoT and other data streams into core product development feedback loops

With the economic value of smart connected devices potentially reaching $6.2 trillion within the next 10 years, the need for manufacturers to embrace Agile methods to accelerate successful product outcomes has never been more critical.

Those interested in taking PTC AgileWorx for a 15-day test run can sign up for the free trial over at the company’s website.

About the Author

Simon Martin is a writer and industrial designer in New York City.