PTC’s MathCAD Prime 3.0 Hits the Shelves

PTC has announced the availability of the latest version of their engineering calculation solver, MathCAD Prime 3.0.

PTC has announced the availability of the latest version of their engineering calculation solver, MathCAD Prime 3.0.

Touted as a “huge step forward from past Prime versions” this version of MathCAD is clearly a “productivity enhancer” with a host of new features in areas like:

  • Documentation Enhancements 
  • Custom Functions 
  • Global Definition Operator 
  • Numeric Enhancements 
  • Surface interpolation in contour plots 
  • Usability Improvements

I look forward to each release of Prime because it brings in more and more functionality that I’m accustomed to with legacy MathCAD v15.  With each matching feature introduced into Prime, conversions of older MathCAD files retain more of their original functionality.

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 Overview