PTC PLM Users Get Easy Access to OpenDXM’s Secure B2B Data Transfers

Leading PTC reseller can now sell PROSTEP AG technology.

PDVISION Group, a leading Swedish reseller of PTC’s PLM technology, has entered a distribution agreement with PROSTEP AG, producers of the B2B data transfer tool OpenDXM GlobalX. The agreement enables PDVISION to sell the technology to PTC users throughout Europe, the Nordics and the United States.

(Image: PROSTEP AG.)

(Image: PROSTEP AG.)

PDSVISION notes that OpenDXM GlobalX has already gained popularity in the automotive industry. The secure B2B data transfer tool provides standard connectors that integrate the technology into PTC tools, like Windchill PLM. When engineers initiate these connections, they can securely exchange data to other organizations from within the user interfaces of PTC products. OpenDXM GlobalX can also be integrated into MS Outlook and MS Explorer to produce additional secure communication compliance.

“PROSTEP’s data exchange platform has the advantage that it can be integrated very flexibly into existing IT infrastructures and, as a SaaS solution, can also be used in hybrid cloud scenarios,” said Perttu Korpela, PDVISION vice president of Operations in the Nordics.

PDVISION has total annual sales in the range of 100 million euros ($105 million USD) and over 4,000 customers around the world. According to data from the Wall Street Journal, this is about 5 percent of PTC’s annual sales. The Stockholm-based company focuses on supplying CAx, PLM, IoT and simulation software to PTC users on a digital transformation journey.

“This facilitates the integration of our data exchange platform into customers’ PLM infrastructures and processes,” said Peter Pfalzgraf, head of Partner Management at PROSTEP, in a release. “Our new sales partner … is active in many industries that have complex requirements for the digital transformation of their business processes, and also brings a lot of Windchill know-how.”

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