PTC Creo v6.0 is Out Now

The latest release adds real-time simulation, AR functionality, and more

PTC has released the latest version of its flagship CAD program, PTC Creo v6.0. The major new release includes AR capability, additive manufacturing functionality, real-time simulation and a whole lot more.

Figure 1. Creo Simulation Live is now included in Creo v6.0. (Image courtesy of PTC.)

Figure 1. Creo Simulation Live is now included in Creo v6.0. (Image courtesy of PTC.)

Creo Simulation Live

Creo now includes Creo Simulation Live, which integrates ANSYS Discovery Live into the Creo platform, allowing real-time simulation that responds to the changes made to your 3D models right before your very eyes.

Designers can now iterate faster, discover problems earlier, streamline their workflows, cut costs, generate more options, and get better products to market more quickly.

Augmented Reality Collaboration

Creo now features Augmented Reality (AR) collaboration on the cloud, meaning users can view and share their 3D models with their colleagues anywhere, at anytime (assuming they have access to the cloud). With the new AR collaboration feature, users can publish and manage up to 10 designs, while controlling who has access to each shared experience. This new feature also includes compatibility with HoloLens and QR codes.

“The power of augmented reality lies in its ability to create faster, more meaningful interactions between people,”said Matt Huybrecht of PTC.

“Instead of sharing designs through a flat 2D monitor or piece of paper, you can bring them into the real world where stakeholders can experience them in 3D, at scale, in context, anywhere in the world, instantly.”

Additive Manufacturing

The new design for additive manufacturing features include new lattice structures for lightweight structure design, build direction definition, and slicing for 3D printing, meaning that users no longer have to export to a separate slicing software. The latest release also includes semiautomatic geometry conversion, which allows topology optimized results to be tidied up and converted into proper, usable CAD data. You can read more about Creo’s AM features here.

Figure 2. Topology Optimization is at your fingertips in Creo 6.0. (Image courtesy of PTC.)

Figure 2. Topology Optimization is at your fingertips in Creo 6.0. (Image courtesy of PTC.)

In addition to the aforementioned new features, there are new productivity enhancements, including new mini-toolbar workflows for creating and modifying features, modernized feature dashboards, and enhancements to the model tree.

“PTC is leading a renaissance in design,” said Brian Thompson, SVP and general manager, CAD, PTC. 

“As companies work to bring their products to life digitally, they’re turning to Creo for real-time simulation, design for additive manufacturing, and more immersive, efficient and secure collaboration using cloud-based augmented reality. For 30 years we’ve been a leader in the CAD market and have helped our customers differentiate in their own markets. Now we’re enabling customers to innovate further with new capabilities that support the new frontier of industrial design, and we are doing it all within the Creo platform.”

You can read more about PTC Creo v6.0, right here.