Project Falcon Takes Flight

Autodesk Flow Design, formerly Project Falcon, provides a virtual wind tunnel for airflow simulations integrated into Inventor and Revit or as a standalone tool.

Showing that they aren’t stuck with their head in the cloud, Autodesk recently released Flow Design (previously Project Falcon).  This integrated simulation tool for Inventor and Revit is an airflow simulation tool.  It is not a full CFD simulation tool.

Because Autodesk Flow Design is a virtual wind tunnel without the overhead of regular CFD code, simulations are fast and intuitive.  Designers can quickly get a feel for the airflow around objects such as cars, planes, buildings.  Whatever can be created in CAD can be simulated in Autodesk Flow Design.

Designers using CAD tools other than Inventor or Revit aren’t missing out.  Autodesk Flow Design has a stand-alone version capable of importing a wide range of file formats. 

Pricing appears to be rental only.