Prodways’ Unique 3D Printing Process

3d printing, prodway, resin, Euromold, DLPIt’s always interesting to examine a 3D printer with an entirely new process for producing objects. One may think there’s only a few processes, but in fact companies often invent new methods. 

Prodways is one of them. 

We spoke with Prodways President Raphaël Gorgé (seen above with the M350) and Head of Research & Development André-Luc Allanic to learn more. 

Prodways uses a resin process, similar to other manufacturers, but there’s a huge difference. 

Resin 3D printers use photo-curable liquid resin, often solidified by a moving laser light. Sometimes a DLP projector is used, where a complete array of 1024 x 768 “pixels” is solidified in one shot. With the DLP approach you can focus the array on a small area to produce objects with super-fine accuracy (but only 1024 x 768 resolution). Such systems are lousy at making large objects because the resolution worsens as the same DLP array is simply focused on a larger layer area. 

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