Pirate 3D Raised 1.4M on KickStarter

Singapore’s 3D printing startup Pirate 3D raises 1.4M on Kickstarter

singapore, 3d printing, bucanner, pirate3d, pirate, printer, 3d printingOver the past 30 days Singapore’s 3D printing startup Pirate3D has raised $1,438,765 in a campaign that was originally seeking $100,000 to continue the development of its Buccaneer 3D printer.

According to Roger Change, Pirate 3D’s CEO, the massive success of their most recent funding round will lead to a printer with better technology. “It’s incredibly awesome… We can now include a lot of the developments we considered but didn’t have the resources to implement.”

Among the upgrades that Pirate 3D team plans to add to their new machine are the ability to print in ABS material, the addition of a transparent glass heated print bed, and an upgraded all metal hot end.

Even with its upgrades Pirate 3D’s $347 Buccaneer printer is still looking like it will be delivered on time. “Our next step is to get everything built and shipped to our backers in time,” said Pirate3D’s Chief of Operations, Brendan Goh. “We’ve had to revamp the Buccaneer’s design a little to accommodate the new developments. Nonetheless, manufacturing is proceeding as planned.”

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Buccaneer printer you’ll have to visit their website. As of now there are no firm plans to sell the printer in a retail setting.

Image Courtesy of Pirate 3D