Personal 3D Printing Safety Concerns

So, you've got your new 3DPrinter setup and ready at home. Are there any safety concern you should be worried about?

3D printing, safety, tools, fabbalooYou’ve bought and installed a 3D printer in your home. What should you be worried about?

Many things, it turns out. Here’s our list of things to watch for:

Mechanics: Your 3D printer includes a number of moving parts. These are moving parts you should not be touching when it’s operating; you could find a finger severely pinched or even burned if you happen to brush the hot end of your printer. 

Flammable Items: Your 3D printer is most likely uses a plastic extrusion process, requiring a high temperature hot end. This component can frequently be found running at +260C (+500F). That’s the same temperature as your oven – without any protective enclosure! You’d best ensure there are no flammable materials close by and especially materials able to accidentally fall onto the 3D printer during operations. Even if nothing can fall on your 3D printer and ignite, it’s also possible your 3D printer may get out of control and endlessly heat the hot end until it melts. Keep flammables away. And keep an eye on the printing process. 

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