PeroxyChem Receives the Go Signal from Memphis to Build Wastewater Disinfection System

Chemical manufacturer and supplier PeroxyChem obtained confirmation from the City of Memphis to construct a peracetic acid (PAA) disinfection system for its wastewater treatment facility.

(Image courtesy of PeroxyChem.)

(Image courtesy of PeroxyChem.)

The City of Memphis recently gave the green light for PeroxyChem to begin operations for its peracetic acid (PAA) disinfection system at the city’s Maynard C. Stiles Wastewater Facility.

PeroxyChem worked closely with the city along with its consultant, CDM Smith, on the system’s design and functionality. The system will reportedly include storage tanks and chemical feed pumps. The company will also be including a state-of-the-art control system that adjusts PAA dosage autonomously according to changes in influent water quality parameters.

“Our PAA technology enables wastewater plants to avoid the risks associated with chlorination or the expenses associated with UV. We are pleased to be able to bring our chemistry to Memphis and provide a full solution that meets their specific treatment challenges,” said Alberto Garibi, PeroxyChem vice president of Water Treatment Technologies.

Besides the new system itself, PeroxyChem will be erecting a production plant along with the Maynard C. Stiles facility that will deliver PAA to the disinfection system through pipeline.

(Image courtesy of PeroxyChem.)

(Image courtesy of PeroxyChem.)

The City of Memphis conducted extensive research and testing before deciding PAA was the most cost-effective disinfection method for the city’s wastewater treatment facilities. Besides improving the quality of water supply, the new facility is expected to bring new investment and create new jobs, as well as minimize overall operating costs.

“The City of Memphis selected PeroxyChem due to its innovative approach that not only helps us achieve our mission to treat wastewater with the best available technology but also attracts new investment to our city, supports local businesses and creates new jobs,” said Robert Knecht, director of Public Works.

The PAA production plant has already begun construction and is expected to begin operations by the end of 2019.

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