pdf2cad v10 Released

pdf2cad converts vector format PDF, EPS, and AI files into editable DWG, DXF and HPGL files with its recent v10 release.

With so much effort put into converting native CAD drawings into PDF format for long term archiving and retrieval, what happens when we lose the native CAD file but need to make a change to the drawing?  There is one program out there that takes the opposite approach and converts PDF to CAD.

Visual Integrity just released the 10th version of pdf2cad

New Features:

The biggest news in version 10 is the import of additional file types beyond Adobe PDF.  Version 10 also allows for import of encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and Adobe Illustrator (AI) files.  These files can be converted into editable DWG, DXF and HPGL files. 

Other key new features in pdf2cad v10 include:

  • Updated to support the latest operating system releases including Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X Mavericks
  • New option – pdf2cad “To Go” –a portable license for use in the office, at home, on the road or right from the USB stick
  • New options to fine-tune conversion of characters to text strings
  • Layer separation based on spot color names as well as PDF layers, line weights, colors names or a combination of colors and line widths
  • New option to create custom line styles
  • True color support of line and fill attributes
  • Width Polyline DXF Entry
  • Improved precision and scaling of line widths

About pdf2cad:

pdf2cad is a desktop application available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. By using object extraction, pdf2cad generates an accurate drawing based on real data and vector relationships in the original file. It does not resort to less precise approaches such as electronic tracing, raster-to-vector conversion or approximation. pdf2cad requires computer-generated PDF, EPS or AI files. It is not intended for use on scanned drawings which contain flat raster images and thus no useful data about the CAD objects.

Additional modules are available to generate other vector and bitmap formats such as SVG, WMF, EMF, CGM, MIF, EPS, PDF, PostScript, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF as well as formatted ASCII text. Additional input modules include PostScript, WMF and EMF.

Prices start at $199 for the end-user version, $495 for the Batch Developer Kit for enterprise process automation and $995 for the SDK/API for application developers.  A free 30-day trial version is available.