OrthoGraph Debuts Cross-Platform Genius

Floor Plan, Cloud Client and Tape Measure included across Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

OrthoGraph recently debuted the latest version of its professional building survey application at the INTERGEO trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany, for geodesy, geoinformation and land management industries.

The new version of OrthoGraph, named Genius, is a cross-platform application still in the developmental stages that will run on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

OrthoGraph touts the new interface as being built with a modern ergonomic style that makes the application more intuitive and productive. Current users of CAD software should find the OrthoGraph user interface familiar, while first-time users should find it easy to understand.

While the application is still under development, OrthoGraph will use customer feedback and field experience to add new capabilities to existing features for ease of use, with more benefits for the end user. Adding Android and Windows platform compatibility to their iPad (iOS) platform support will significantly increase the playing field for OrthoGraph.

OrthoGraph’s current floor plan survey system is available in three versions:

  • OrthoGraph Floor Plan is useful for surveys that include a high number of measurements with varying wall thicknesses.
  • OrthoGraph Cloud Client includes professional building survey functionality with on-site and cloud applications.
  • OrthoGraph Tape Measure was created for small projects, such as houses, with fixed wall thicknesses.

The ability to accurately and efficiently transfer dimensional information from the site or building into CAD will likely be appreciated by companies that provide site and building surveys as well as built drawings.

While users can manually enter dimensions, one option that would make my day is the ability to use a Leica laser tape measure — the same tool we use in the field — to instantly update drawings. This would be a huge timesaver. I’ll definitely be following OrthoGraph’s new cross-platform Genius as development is finalized.

INTERGEO hosts more than half a million event website users and 16,000 visitors from 92 countries, covering fields including surveying, geoinformation, remote sensing and photogrammetry, complementary solutions and technologies. This year’s event took place from Sept. 15-17.

To learn more about OrthoGraph, visit orthograph.net.