Origin Viewer 9.1: Simplifying Project File Sharing

Origin is a suped-up charting and graphing application that can easily be shared when combined with the Origin Viewer. See what's new in Origin Viewer 9.1.

“Everyone” has office applications on their desktop.  Therefore, “everyone” has no problem sharing that data with anyone else.  But what if your generic office application doesn’t quite have the muscle needed for engineering analysis?

Earlier, I posted about a uber spreadsheet program Origin.  While that’s a powerful tool for charting and graphing, it does very little if you can’t share the file with others in the value chain.  Now you can.

OriginLab released Origin Viewer 9.1.  Origin Viewer is a free application that allows anyone in the value chain access to the Origin Project File.  

  • The Origin Viewer 9.1 is easily distributed and used with no installation.
  • The Viewer supports viewing and rotating Origin’s new OpenGL 3D graphs.
  • Available in 32- and 64-bit versions.

  One of the benefits of the Origin Project File is that it is a container for all items of the project, including metadata.  These elements are displayed in a convenient hierarchical structure, something that gets lost in translation.  Additionally,

“Colleagues can directly run Origin Viewer and open Origin project files, accessing the data, graphs and analysis results provided by the user. Multiple graphs can be viewed simultaneously by opening them in resizable floating windows. Contents of the project file can also be copied into third party software such as Microsoft® Word or Microsoft PowerPoint for the creation of reports and presentations.”