Optimization of CAE and CAD Software Licenses

Software Asset Optimization from Altair.

Chances are your company has plenty of CAE and CAD software that require license agreements and renewals. Quite often, though, these renewals are habitually purchased without assessing if the software is even needed anymore. To avoid this practice, SEGULA Technologies chose to use Altair’s software asset optimization (SAO) solutions.

With SAO, your company’s software expenses are controlled and consolidated. It will also monitor the usage of the various software packages throughout the company. This will allow you to make informed decisions about license renewals, acquisitions and (most importantly) size of contact.

According to Mauro Guglielminotti, Altair’s Southern Europe Country Manager, “It is becoming increasingly important to monitor and optimize software usage … A large engineering service provider like SEGULA Technologies uses many different software tools from a variety of vendors. Altair SAO enables companies, managers, and IT departments to consolidate costs and maximize the return on investment for commercial design and development software tools.”

Altair’s SAO can support various license server management systems, including but not limited to: FLEXLM, LM-X, LUM and FlexNet.

The information collected by SAO is generated into a report which is available on-demand. The data can also be compiled into interactive dashboards, critical alerts, emails and even text messages.

SEGULA Technology is an engineering consultancy firm for clients around the world, and according to their IT manager, Christophe Guilloteau, “We are very pleased with Altair’s SAO solution. It enables us to oversee our software inventory and usage, providing detailed information on utilization trends and behaviors based on real data. This makes software procurement and allocation decisions more objective.”

Guilloteau adds, “We have had a very good relationship with Altair for many years and also use their CAE tools in our development processes. After evaluating several SAO options within a benchmark exercise, we chose Altair’s SAO to monitor and optimize our software usage because it is affordable and offers the best solution for our needs.”

Source Altair

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