Onshape’s December Update

Onshape’s December update has arrived. We take a look at what’s new.

The last update of the year has arrived for Onshape, and like the last update, December’s edition is also thin. That being said, there are a few features of note. Let’s review them.

Two New Modeling Features

Onshape now features an “intersection” command for converting nonplanar geometry into sketches based on the intersection of a plane and the geometry of a face or solid. Although this tool won’t likely find everyday use, its ability to create nonplanar sketches means that some types of 3D sketching can be done in a snap.

The second modelling feature that’s been added to Onshape is the ability to split faces using planes, sketches or surfaces. For anyone developing plastic parts of molds, this upgrade will come in handy and make the job of taking a CAD model and rendering it manufacturable a much easier prospect.

More Improvements to Drawings

In its march toward a complete drawings package, Onshape has added two features critical to illustrating a design. First, Onshape has added a line-to-line centerline command that makes it easier to place those critical marks into a drawing. To employ the line-to-line command, users simply select a line and then repeat that process—a centerline will then be placed at the midpoint between the two strokes. If changes are made to the drawing’s geometry, the line-to-line center points will update accordingly.

Moving up one level in the drawing department, Onshape has also added a “detail view” tool to its package. With the detail tool, users can bring greater focus to critical parts of their components and better illustrate the manufacturing instructions that are necessary to make a product correctly.

Onshape’s continued incremental improvements are slowly making the new CAD company a more formidable opponent to well-established CAD brands.

For all its advantages, I’m seriously wondering what’s keeping you—yes, YOU!—from being lured to Onshape. Do let me know in the comments box below.