OMAX Introduces the Most Advanced Waterjet Yet

Hypertherm’s OMAX has unveiled its latest generation of waterjet—the OptiMAX.

The OptiMAX is the most advanced and accurate waterjet on the market. (Image courtesy of OMAX.)

The OptiMAX is the most advanced and accurate waterjet on the market. (Image courtesy of OMAX.)

Waterjet cutting machines are integral to manufacturing operations across the globe, harnessing the power of concentrated water jets to cut through metal without affecting the material’s internal structure due to heat, which can result in warping. These machines are used for a wide variety of industries, including shipbuilding, aerospace, rail and the rapid production of machine parts. The technology dates back to the mid-1800s when high-pressure water was used for hydraulic mining and has continuously evolved to the point where waterjet cutting machines can produce extremely intricate cuts and complex shapes.

OMAX has been designing and engineering highly technical waterjet cutting systems for nearly three decades. Now, the company is pushing even further with its new OptiMAX waterjet, its most advanced system to date. The OptiMAX is a versatile and simple system that is designed to allow manufacturers to become less reliant on experienced operators and technicians. Thanks to the company’s software system, the OptiMAX can be operated with minimal training.

The OptiMAX offers water level control, under-bridge lighting and a machine status indicator. The machine is so accurate that it can be used for jewelry making, where extreme precision is required. Waterjet cutting can be performed on aluminum, brass, steel, copper and titanium and leaves a smooth edge with no burn marks or heat-affected zones.

The company highlighted several new and improved capabilities in the OptiMAX, including:

  • IntelliMAX software to improve operation and simplify use. The software incorporates OMAX’s proprietary waterjet cutting models for quickly and consistently producing parts.
  • The IntelliVISOR center console, which displays key metrics and system monitoring, helps avoid unplanned downtime and optimizes work planning and scheduling.
  • The EnduroMAX pump to automatically set the correct pressure, which minimizes fluctuations in pressure, resulting in increased efficiency and longer component life due to reduced wear and tear.
  • An upgraded garnet delivery system for minimizing downtime.
  • Advanced motion control through the IntelliTRAX drive system that requires less maintenance and improves reliability compared to traditional ball screw and rack and pinon drive systems.

“The OptiMAX represents the pinnacle in abrasive waterjet cutting,” said Arion Vandergon, Waterjet product marketing manager. “It builds upon everything OMAX has learned during the past three decades to deliver the most capable and efficient waterjet cutting system available today, so our customers are able to easily achieve optimal cutting outcomes.”

Combined with the high-end engineering in the OptiMAX system, the software and its ability to leverage big data analytics and artificial intelligence, OMAX will remain a pioneer in the manufacturing industry as it continues to expand into the realm of generative design, augmented reality and robotics integration.