OLIVIA 3DRanger Time-of-Flight Smart Sensor Introduced at CES 2016

Heptagon’s OLIVIA has a measuring distance of up to two meters in normal lighting.

OLIVIA (Image courtesy Heptagon.)

OLIVIA (Image courtesy Heptagon.)

The OLIVIA 3DRanger Time-of-Flight (ToF) smart sensor can see up to two meters in normal lighting – a distance that previous solutions have reached only in low lighting.

OLIVIA is a complete intelligent system module with an integrated microprocessor, adaptive algorithms, advanced optics, ToF sensor and light source. The device includes automatic range calculation, automatic exposure adjustment and embedded filters for lower-cost cover glass design.

OLIVIA has a plus or minus five percent white target and 15 percent grey target. Measuring only 1mm x 2.80mm x 4.80mm, it also has a reflow solderable surface mount technology (SMT) process.

As an added bonus, OLIVIA requires 40 percent less power when ranging than other solutions.

Since OLIVIA 3DRanger monitors environmental ambient light and calculates distance automatically, users need only read the results through a standard I2C interface.

The device is suitable as a camera AF assist system to enable fast autofocus lock for primary and front-facing smartphone cameras or it can be used as a proximity sensor in automated factory processes.

Manufacturers could find uses for OLIVIA in anything from pick-and-place assembly lines, to robotic cell safety technology to human-machine interface (HMI) devices.

OLIVIA compliments and enhances the performance of traditional contrast autofocus systems(?) as well as more recent phase detection autofocus systems embedded in image sensors (PDAF), which show weaker performance in low light conditions and video.

The device is also Class 1 laser eye safe and RoHS and REACH compliant. “We’re excited about the advancements OLIVIA brings to the market,” says René Kromhof, senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Heptagon. “In less than three months from the release of LAURA, our first product, we have introduced OLIVIA, our next generation sensor.”

Heptagon introduced OLIVIA 3DRanger January 9th at CES 2016.

For more information on OLIVIA, visit Heptagon’s website at hptg.com. To learn more about CES 2016, visit www.cesweb.org.