Objet to Showcase Functional Product Realism at SolidWorks World

DashboardObjet Ltd. will showcase a full-size, 3D-printed dashboard from StreetScooter at this year’s SolidWorks World in San Diego from February 12-15. Shown for the first time in the U.S., the five-foot-wide, fully assembled dashboard prototype was created with multi-material printing, including Objet’s ABS-like Digital Material, and features a display screen and other fine details that simulate a dashboard’s look, feel and function.

Objet worked closely on the project with StreetScooter , a consortium of more than 80 companies united with an aim to develop an affordable electric car with an emphasis on sustainability. Working closely with the group, Objet produced highly realistic prototypes for the development of the style and function of the car, including the dashboard that was made from over 20 individually printed parts.

Major parts of the dashboard were printed in the Objet ABS-like Digital Material, chosen for its dimensional stability and toughness. Additional Objet materials were used to simulate fine-details. The parts were then glued, polished and painted to precisely simulate the true look, feel and function of the dashboard.

SolidWorks attendees can see the fully assembled dashboard and additional 3D printed products at the Objet booth #500.