NX 12 Is Dedicated to Digitalization

New tools include Machining Line Planner, a new additive module, new milling capabilities and more.

NX 12’s Machining Line Planner. (Image courtesy of Siemens.)

NX 12’s Machining Line Planner. (Image courtesy of Siemens.)

The latest version of Siemens NX, NX 12, offers an expanded toolset dedicated to digitalization. NX 12 brings together tools for additive manufacturing, CNC machining, robotics and quality inspection to create an end-to-end system of digitalized part manufacturing. 

The movement toward digital part manufacturing is part of a trend toward connecting all steps of the manufacturing process—from planning to production—with a single source of information, a so-called digital thread. By taking advantage of digitalization, manufacturers can embrace automation to achieve greater efficiency, reduced time to delivery and better production results. 

Here’s what NX 12 offers to enable digitalization: 

  • Machining Line Planner: New to NX 12, NX Machining Line Planner makes use of a digital twin of the complete machining line to optimize the process. In coordination with integrated NX CAM, Machining Line Planner enables operations to be simulated over multiple setups and machines, which is particularly useful for the high-volume production of complicated parts.
  • Expanded additive manufacturing: NX 12 includes a new additive manufacturing module, NX AM for HP Multi Jet Fusion, which allows users to develop and manage parts, and prepare print jobs for HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printers.
  • Teamcenter integration: NX has been integrated with Siemens Teamcenter PLM platform, which enables engineers using NX to automatically determine tool production costs.
  • Automation enhancements: Two new capabilities, adaptive milling and tube milling, give NX 12 users new ways to automate CNC programming and cut complex parts faster. Adaptive milling leverages NX automation to reduce machining cycles by up to 60 percent, and tube milling streamlines five-axis programming to create ideal tool paths and minimize machining errors. 

“Transformative technologies like additive manufacturing and advanced robotics offer tremendous potential for manufacturers of all sizes to gain an advantage in today’s competitive market,” said Siemens’ Zvi Feuer. “NX provides a fully integrated solution for part manufacturers to utilize these powerful technologies, creating the ability to improve overall business performance and helping to create a truly digital machine shop.”

To learn more about Siemens NX 12, visit the NX landing page. For another recent update from Siemens, check out Advanced Machine Engineering Enables Advanced Machine Engineering.

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