Non-Destructive Testing of Composites Based on Thermal Imaging

NDTherm detects deep flaws in composite materials.

(Image courtesy of Opgal.)

(Image courtesy of Opgal.)

NDTherm is a non-destructive testing (NDT) solution based on thermal imaging.

It is designed to detect deep flaws in composite materials and structures, such as carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), sandwich structures, hybrids and porous materials.

Using active thermography and proprietary imaging algorithms, NDTherm enables safe, contact-free inspection of parts in real time.

The device works on small or large surfaces, even when access is possible only from one side of the structure. It comes in three form factors: portable, fixed and automated.

(Video courtesy of Opgal Optronic Industries.)

The portable system, NDTherm NT, is designed for in-service applications and can be compactly transported for field deployment.

The fixed system, NDTherm FX, is designed for production lines and testing environments.

The automated system, NDTherm AU is customized with a variety of testing capabilities for automatically inspecting large parts and complex shapes.

“NDTherm provides manufacturers of composite parts for aerospace and many other industries with a clear advantage over traditional, incumbent NDT methods,” said Amit Mattatia, president & CEO of Opgal.

Opgal will be showcasing its latest version of NDTherm at the upcoming JEC World 2016 exhibition in Paris, March 8-10.

For more information, visit the Opgal website.