Nissan’s Autonomous Chairs Just Got Better

Can’t stand standing in line? The ProPILOT Chair may be the answer.

Best game of musical chairs ever? (Image courtesy of Nissan.)

Best game of musical chairs ever? (Image courtesy of Nissan.)

Nissan has unveiled an autonomous chair designed to ease the pain of standing in line.

The ProPILOT Chair is based on the same technology used in Nissan’s self-driving vehicles, which will be rolling out in trials across Japan in 2017.

This update to Nissan’s office chairs that can park themselves is yet another example of how an automated future can affect our daily lives in ways most have yet to consider.

According to the company, the chairs automatically detect and follow the chairs ahead of them, maintaining distance and following a set path. Once at the front of the line, the chairs will return to the end ready to receive the next “passenger.”

I suppose we’re lucky that Nissan hasn’t endowed these chairs with any more artificial intelligence than they need to do their jobs; an existence as mundane as this could incite the dreaded Machine Uprising.

All joking aside, this technology gives us a glimpse into a future full of automation and robotics beyond the more obvious examples of self-driving cars and enhanced manufacturing.

It isn’t difficult to think of other tasks that we suffer through on a daily basis that could be alleviated by automation. How about getting out of bed in the morning? Or cleaning the house?
What mundane task would you like to see automated?

Although you’ll probably see autonomous cars on the roads before you find yourself waiting for coffee in a line of autonomous chairs, at least these autonomous vehicles don’t have to grapple with ethics.

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