New Tech Makes Additive Pay

Evolve Additive Solutions’ Jeff Blank on 3D technology and scaling up for quantity production.

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Additive manufacturing has been described as the best way to make parts that can’t be made in any other way. While it’s true that additive is absolutely unequaled as a part making technology for highly complex shapes with undercuts and enclosed volumes, there are an increasing number of applications where additive is the preferred tech for parts that could be machined or formed. 

A common factor between additive and all other forms of manufacturing technology however, is the need for profitability. Making great parts is not the same thing as making great parts pay, and new technologies are available that give engineers unprecedented flexibility to make lighter parts, with less material, and do so at lower unit cost. 

Jeff Blank, president and chief operating officer of Evolve Additive Solutions spoke with’s Jim Anderton to discuss the implications of additive as a production technology. 

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