New Software for Cutting Gears on a Five Axis CNC

New Software from Sandvik Coromant is designed for manufacturing gears.

Manufacturing gears can be a tricky process. Cutting tool and tooling system vendor Sandvik Coromant offers a software called InvoMilling. The recently updated CAD/CAM solution for NC programming is designed for manufacturing gears on universal five-axis machining centers. As of late 2017, the software will also enable customers to produce straight bevel gears and herringbone gears.

Image courtesy of Sandvik Coromant.

Image courtesy of Sandvik Coromant.

After entering the required gear data, the CAD/CAM software defines the optimum machining strategies and generates a CNC program that allows the production of different gear profiles using standard precision tools. The software also offers graphics as well as features to create and simulate milling paths.


Image courtesy of Sandvik Coromant

 As well as upcoming options for herringbone, double helical (with and without gap), and straight bevel gears (end of 2017), an additional new function available in the latest version of InvoMilling is flank correction. This applies to tip relief and crowning in both the flank and profile directions as well as helix and pressure angle corrections. Numerous improvements have also been made to the tools. For instance, adapted tools have been introduced to the tool library.

 “With the new software functionalities and tool optimizations, we are offering our customers additional options for gear cutting in small and medium batch sizes—making the process even more flexible, fast, and efficient,” says Jochen Sapparth, Product Manager InvoMilling CAD/CAM at Sandvik Coromant. “At the same time, we are expanding the range of applications that can be performed using five-axis machining centers.”

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