New Power Modules Target BLDC Motor Drive Systems

The compact IPM7 series is designed for fan motor applications.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) has announced the release of its AIM702H50B intelligent power module. The module is specialized for low-power brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive systems, such as fan motors in home appliances or air-conditioners where compact components can impact the overall efficiency of design allowances.

The AIM702H50B is part of AOS’s IPM7 series and consists of “super junction” MOSFETs designed for motor drive and high-voltage gate driver ICs with an integrated bootstrap circuit in a compact surface mountable package.

“A BLDC-based inverter has been widely used in fan motors because it is quicker, quieter, and more energy efficient than the conventional solutions using DC motors or AC induction motors with on/off control. Nowadays, its demand and expansion are becoming a mandatory requirement due to energy saving and regulations,” said Brian Suh, vice president of IGBT/IPM product lines at AOS.

The AIM702H50B intelligent power module. (Image courtesy of Alpha and Omega Semiconductor.)

The AIM702H50B intelligent power module. (Image courtesy of Alpha and Omega Semiconductor.)

Suh continued, adding that “Without a doubt, IPM7 will bring a lot of advantages for fan motor applications by significantly enhancing the cost-effective development of the system, reducing the inverter board size, and obtaining easy and reliable PCB assembly. Quick and precise detection of fault temperature in IPM7 will play a significant role in fan motor drives to secure a reliable design as well as a long time of operation.”

The IPM7 family of intelligent power modules provides a number of new features compared to previous generations, including a compact package measuring 18mm x 7.5mm, an HVIC gate driver including bootstrap circuit, a wide input interface (3~18V), control supply under-voltage lockout protection, and over-temperature protection and monitoring functions.

The AIM702H50B is available for purchase in production quantities with a lead time of 12 to 14 weeks.