New partnership brings AI to MRO

Augury and DSV announce plans for Parts as a Service (PaaS) offering for industrial manufacturing, using predictive maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime.

For all the artificial intelligence (AI) news coming out every day, a large portion can be dismissed as irrelevant to engineers. Not so with a recent announcement from industrial AI provider Augury and the logistics service DSV. The two companies have partnered to introduce a new Parts as a Service (PaaS) offering which uses machine health data to predict faults and automatically procure replacement parts.

DSV’s current offering, Inventory Management Solutions, aims to reduce the overhead of managing and sourcing spare parts by outsourcing their planning, procurement, transportation and logistics. Augury specializes in machine health monitoring, predicting faults and failures with machine learning based on process and production data.

By combining the predictive capabilities of Augury’s AI with DSV’s existing spare parts service, the companies are aiming to make maintenance repair and operations (MRO) less reactive, ensuring spare parts are available only and as soon as they’re needed.

“We are excited to partner with DSV to bring Parts as a Service to the market,” said Saar Yoskovitz, Augury’s CEO, in a press release. “Increasing our ability to integrate our Machine Health platform with a wide range of solutions from Inventory Management to CMMS systems creates a new ecosystem for customers, innovating how they can use data-driven insights to change how they work.”

Key Features of PaaS include:

·       Predictive Analytics: Augury’s prescriptive Machine Health solution is designed to help manufacturers manage their production risk by anticipating equipment failures and proactively ordering necessary parts.

·       Smart Ordering: PaaS is intended to streamline the DSV planning, procurement and logistics process by automating the need for spare parts based on real-time insights from the field.

·       Dynamic Scheduling: The integrated workflow allows for dynamic scheduling of parts delivery and maintenance activities.

BAZAN Group, one of the early adopters of PaaS, is already reporting significant benefits.

“When you don’t know what’s in front of you, usually you buy more. You purchase more, and your shelves are full of spare parts,” explained Adi Segal, Head of Maintenance and Service with BAZAN.

“We found out that they lay on the shelves for more than two to three years, without any use, which is a huge waste of time and money. Now that we combined Machine Health with logistics, I get to control my budget and know where to invest first. I can present to top management where to invest or upgrade a machine because we have spare money now.”

For more information on the partnership, visit the Augury website.