New on The Shop Floor: CNC Turning and 5-Axis Machining

The latest installations from DMG MORI, Makino and APEC.

Roll Tooling Supplier Installs DMG MORI Lathe in Ontario Facility

Roll-Kraft, a supplier of custom roll tooling to the tube and pipe and roll forming industry, has installed a DMG MORI NLX 2500 CNC lathe on the factory floor at Roll-Kraft Ltd. in Woodbridge, Ontario.

The NLX 2500 CNC Lathe. (Image courtesy of DMG Mori.)

The NLX 2500 CNC Lathe. (Image courtesy of DMG Mori.)

The NLX 2500 is a high-rigidity, high-precision CNC lathe able to flexibly handle various specifications. The model features the BMT (Built-in-Motor), which achieves powerful turning capabilities and milling performance. The lathe’s technological features include a high-speed rotary tool spindle (10,000 min-1), as well as controlled thermal displacement for high-precision tooling development.

Aerospace Manufacturer Installs Makino 5-Axis Machining Center in Texas Facility

Cam-Tech Manufacturing, a division of PCX Aerostructures, LLC, has successfully completed installation of a machining center, which will allow for expanded production of high quality, large format aircraft parts at their Texas facility.

The new Makino T1 5-Axis horizontal machining center allows for additional processing of hard alloy components for a variety of aerospace platforms.  Boasting a capability envelope of 59″ x 51″ x 78,” the latest capital investment from PCX Aerostructures lends additional strength to their range of capabilities.

The T1 5-Axis Machining Center. (Image courtesy of Makino.)

The T1 5-Axis Machining Center. (Image courtesy of Makino.)

“We are excited about this new addition to our PCX operations and have configured the machining center for lights out operation, delivering high precision machining of hard alloys,” said Alan L. Haase, president and CEO of PCX Aerostructures.

According to PCX, this latest addition is intended to support the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, enabling enhanced accuracy, reduced cycle times and extensive automation features when machining large structures. 

Custom Machine Builder Installs APEC 5-Axis Gantry in Pennsylvania Facility

Astro Machine Works, Inc., has added the APEC G3060 High Speed 5-Axis Gantry Mill to keep up with demand and increase its machining capacity.  The machine’s dimensions are 236” X-Travel, 118” Y-Travel, and 47” Z-travel.

APEC G Series 5-Axis Gantry. (Image courtesy of APEC.)

APEC G Series 5-Axis Gantry. (Image courtesy of APEC.)

It has a 15,000 RPM HSK 100 Spindle and Rapids at 60m/minute.  The 5-Axis Kessler head and the Heidenhain TNC 530 Control affords the ability to keep parts on the machine without re-tooling.  The G3060 features simultaneous 5-axis machining as well as (3+2) five sided machining for increased efficiency and set up reduction.

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