New Machine and Process Monitoring System for Industry 4.0

Monitoring systems ensure that the right tool is at the right place at the right time.

The new PROMOS 3+ monitoring system from PROMETEC.

The new PROMOS 3+ monitoring system from PROMETEC.

PROMETEC, a manufacturer of monitoring solutions for machining processes and part of Sandvik Coromant, is releasing its new PROMOS 3+ system.

The new connectivity solution provides a new look at the world of Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and is considered an important component for the Industry 4.0 initiative by Sandvik Coromant.

PROMOS 3+, a refinement of the PROMOS 2 system, offers more process safety for machining processes. As a monitoring system, it ensures that the right tool is in the right place and that a process is completed within defined parameters.

“PROMOS 3+ stops the machine if the tool is missing, breaks, or collides with the workpiece,” explained Dr. Klaus Kristoffel, managing director of Prometec. “If the work process veers from predefined parameters, this is corrected by the system. In addition, PROMOS 3+ is tailored to user needs and provides warning of impending tool wear or breakage.”

The PROMOS 3+ monitoring system is in continuous communication with the machine, receiving signals either directly from the machine’s digital drive data or from sensors monitoring parameters including force, structure-borne noise or active power against limit values.

The system’s advantages include improved process safety, longer tool life and assured component quality.

Furthermore, less tool breakage is likely to occur, along with less damage in the event of a collision. Because of these benefits, machine shops will also find that downtime is minimized, while the potential for unmanned machining increases.

Combining PROMETEC’s Compact Monitor, intelligent vibration sensor and control element, this collision detector can be scaled into a comprehensive multi-level, multi-channel monitoring solution.

Further benefits of the modular PROMOS 3+ include complete independence of specific control types, compact hardware modules that demand little space in switchgear cabinets (all connections and displays are on the front), quick and easy installation and setup and very little training required due to automated functions for adaptation to customer systems.

For more information, visit the Sandvik Coromant website.