New Autonomous Driving, Simulation Software: Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy

100,000x reduction of development for level-2 to -3 self-driving cars, says Ansys.

Disclaimer: Shawn Wasserman is a former employee of Ansys and holds minor stocks in the organization.

Today, Ansys announced the launch of AVxcelerate Autonomy, an end-to-end solution to ensure the compliance of ADAS and autonomous vehicle (AV) systems up to Level 2 and Level 3 standards. The tool has been co-developed with the BMW Group to bring the majority of autonomous vehicle test driving into a digital world. By doing so, Ansys claims engineers can speed up sensitivity analysis by 1,000x and replace physical testing to accelerate development by 100x. In other words, Ansys claims its new tool can reduce the cost and time-to-compliance by 100,000x.

AVxcelerate Autonomy helps engineers simulate driving scenarios autonomous cars may encounter to ensure they operate safely. (Image: Ansys.)

AVxcelerate Autonomy helps engineers simulate driving scenarios autonomous cars may encounter to ensure they operate safely. (Image: Ansys.)

AVxcelerate Autonomy is cloud-native, modular software that is designed around an MBSE framework. This open architecture follows ASAM openX standards. The tool is also being certified under ISO 26262 to enable development of AVs up to Level 3 and eventually above. AVxcelerate Autonomy utilizes APIs to make data transfers possible with legacy systems.

Engineers can use the software to assess an expansive variation of driving scenarios to perform sensitivity and reliability analyses while optimizing and validating ADAS and AV systems at scale. The tool can update assets over-the-air to ensure AVs are updated with the latest logic and safety validated software.

“Navigating the complex rules around regulatory compliance by providing safety justification is one of the biggest challenges for automotive manufacturers,” said Walt Hearn, senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer excellence at Ansys, in a release. “Moving from one level of autonomy to the next requires extreme technological advances that are accessible, scalable and easily implemented. The predictive accuracy and framework of Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy can speed autonomous technology development to support the industry in realizing a future where traffic collisions are extinct.”

Video shows how AVxcelerate Autonomy uses statistics and scenario-based analysis to validate autonomous vehicle systems. (Video: Ansys.

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