New Accelerators to Speed Up Connected Worker Platform

Parsable releases first connected worker accelerators to increase productivity for CPG manufacturers.

The day-to-day human activities carried out in industrial environments involve a huge amount of knowledge and data that need to be captured in order to optimize business processes. This was the idea that brought about the Connected Worker Platform—a digital mobile-based application that allows workers to execute tasks and provide real-time feedback without the need for paper trails. And to make the process even faster, Parsable has released a new set of Connected Worker Accelerators to improve time-to-value for industrial companies.

(Image courtesy of Parsable.)

(Image courtesy of Parsable.)

The Connected Worker Accelerators offer significant improvement to the existing platform in that it quickly allows managers to analyze, digitize and fix human-led operational difficulties without the need for a lengthy time and motion study. The accelerators allow for the real-time collection of granular data as human-led operations are being executed. This data is then displayed in pre-built dashboards, which are instantly accessible to business executives and analysts globally, thereby giving management a greater level of control over factory-floor and field operations.

The easy availability of this data allows for quicker analysis of performance, identification of process gaps, and the implementation of corrective strategies in the operations across multiple locations simultaneously.

The first batch of Connected Worker Accelerators was designed for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to help managers optimize processes related to maintenance, changeovers, and safety. These, of course, are critical issues that directly impact both equipment and employee functionality, which has a direct consequence on the quality, output, and flexibility of the production lines—and ultimately, productivity.

The maintenance accelerator—which can be integrated with existing systems—ensures strict adherence to both planned and unplanned maintenance routines, which can decrease the mean time to repair (MTTR) various equipment. The changeover accelerator promotes rapid changeovers by ensuring that employees understand what and when actions need to be taken under specific situations. The safety accelerator ensures a consistent execution of safety checks to identify and fix problematic trends.

All these, in theory could improve a company’s overall productivity, efficiency, and profitability—issues of great importance in the CPG industry.