Nemetschek’s Spacewell Launches a Building Maintenance Platform

Spacewell Maintenance offered as software as a service

Spacewell, a subsidiary of the Nemetschek Group, announced the launch of its new software as a service (SaaS) platform, Spacewell Maintenance.

This new solution consists of Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Management and Compliance. Spacewell Maintenance is designed to help organizations optimize preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, reduce costs and stay compliant with regulations. It aims to maximize the long-term financial and environmental performance of your buildings.

“Take control of the life-cycle performance of your buildings and installations and gain insight into maintenance costs in the short and long term” is how the platform is described on

Property managers today face huge pressures. They must ensure that their buildings not only run efficiently and without disruption but also provide a modern and hassle-free environment.

And they must not forget about sustainability.

Sustainability has become a key factor in modern maintenance practices. With concerns about climate change and resource depletion, organizations are prioritizing sustainable practices. And not just with new buildings; attention is shifting to sustaining existing assets.

A cleaning and maintenance management facility management survey found that 70 percent of respondents are working toward improving sustainability practices and decreasing their facility’s carbon footprint.

Some change is regulation driven, but many organizations are realizing that by adopting a sustainable building maintenance approach, they not only minimize their environmental footprint but also improve building performance and maximize long-term financial performance.

By utilizing Spacewell Maintenance, facility managers can identify areas where efficiency can be improved. Facility managers make data-driven decisions, including prioritizing sustainability. This includes things like optimizing energy usage and reducing waste. Not only does this eliminate waste and reduce costs, but it also extends the life span of the building assets.

“The rising importance of sustainability and the demand for cost reductions have upped the ante for a much more meaningful management of building operations and equipment, making the launch of Spacewell Maintenance an important one for customers looking to improve maintenance planning and delivery,” said Joy Trinquet, industry analyst of smart buildings at research and consulting firm Verdantix.

The platform offers:

  • Efficient planning capabilities, including running different scenarios to balance long-term maintenance with budgeting
  • A continuous view of expenditures versus planning
  • Configurable corrective maintenance and work order management
  • The ability to organize using personalized interactive planning boards
  • Skills-based resource and material availability allocation
  • Supplier management, so that all supplier contract and related information can be stored in one central location
  • Inventory, including building libraries of equipment and activities with costs and cycles
  • Reports to quickly visualize historical data, monitor performance and demonstrate compliance
  • Mobile work management features so that maintenance staff can efficiently manage work orders, conduct inspections, track time and monitor materials consumption while on the go

Maintenance planning is the scheduling of maintenance activities. Effective maintenance planning ensures the proper functioning, safety and longevity of a building. It typically starts with assessing asset conditions and identifying the required tasks, then prioritizing these tasks based on criticality, safety, resource availability and operational impact.

Spacewell Maintenance Planning assists businesses in planning short- and long-term maintenance expenditures. It can then help ensure that budgets are in line with objectives. This module contains dashboards that show visual information about maintenance expenditures. Using this insight, facility managers can make informed decisions about resource allocation and budget distribution.

“We’re excited to launch Spacewell Maintenance as it will enable our customers to plan for the future while managing their current workloads more effectively,” said Wouter Hartemink, CEO of Spacewell. “Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative solutions that improve their operational efficiency while providing the insights to increase sustainability and make better long-term decisions.”

Preventative maintenance is all about extending the life of equipment and assets. It involves taking proactive measures to prevent equipment breakdowns. Spacewell Maintenance offers a user-friendly preventive maintenance approach.

Maintenance management involves organizing, coordinating and tracking maintenance work within an organization. It is the planning, organizing and directing of maintenance tasks. The goal is to minimize downtime while ensuring the effective upkeep of assets, equipment and facilities.

Spacewell Maintenance Management is designed to help teams execute maintenance work orders quickly and efficiently. It covers all aspects of maintenance planning, including inspections, task tracking, contract management, scheduling and comprehensive reporting.

You define work order types with their own workflows and statuses. This includes creating templates for recurring tasks, using personalized email templates and setting up automatic status-based email notifications. Users can define auto-assignment rules to speed up dispatch and resolution times.

Spacewell Maintenance groups work orders (and their related resources) together, ensuring that activities are efficiently managed and completed according to schedule.

Scheduled for release later this year, the Compliance module will help organizations stay up to date with their maintenance compliance responsibilities. This module enables facility managers to meet regulatory requirements and manage compliance-related activities. This includes tasks such as tracking certifications and generating compliance reports.

“Spacewell enables us to assign and carry out work orders much more effectively. Our daily activities have been significantly improved as a result,” according to Q-Park.

Spacewell Maintenance is a comprehensive software solution that offers a wide range of tools and features to help facility managers and maintenance professionals optimize their maintenance processes, achieve sustainability and improve overall efficiency.

Why use Spacewell Maintenance?

  • Budget maintenance costs to ensure the best allocation of resources.
  • Implement sustainable activities to eliminate waste, reduce costs and increase the life span of your facilities.
  • Track service requests to keep an organization running smoothly.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies related to preventable downtime.
  • Ensure compliance (and safety) with an up-to-date overview of building certificates.