NAFEMS World Congress is Looking for Simulation Papers

CAE and Simulation Conference Paper Deadline set at Nov. 17th 2014

In about a year’s time, NAFEMS will simultaneously host its World congress and the 2nd international Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) Conference. While that’s a ways off yet, they are already accepting papers for the event.

NAFEMS is a non-profit group that helps the engineering community through training, education and by increasing awareness of simulation and other CAE tools. It also offers professional development by sharing best practices, methodologies and standards.

Their upcoming congress will focus on the trends and themes in the CAE world. Leaders, programmers and practitioners will all participate in the open forum and walk away with a better understanding of the present and future of CAE software. On the other hand, the SPDM conference will focus specifically on simulation processes and data management.

Attendees of the SPDM conference will have access to NAFEM’s World Congress and vice versa.

NAFEMS’ Head of Global Marketing, David Quinn said, “The Congress has cemented its position as the leading independent, international event for simulation and analysis, welcoming attendees from every related industry around the globe to share their experiences and hear about the cutting-edge of the technology with a group of their peers which is unmatched at any other conference.”

NAFEMS is looking for papers which will span the various industries and topics of their attendees. Papers outlining FEA, CFD, MBS, SPDM and multiphysics are all welcome. Authors must submit a 300-600 word abstract by the 17th of November 2014.

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