Mystery US Automaker Invests in Automated Metrology

Perceptron, Inc. awarded contract to provide metrology solutions for upcoming large vehicle program.

(Image courtesy of Perceptron, Inc.)

(Image courtesy of Perceptron, Inc.)

Metrology solutions provider Perceptron, Inc. recently announced that a leading North American automotive manufacturer (as-yet unidentified) has selected the company for an upcoming large vehicle program. Perceptron provides 3D automated metrology solutions and coordinate measuring machines for automating the automotive manufacturing process.

Automotive Metrology

The new project will involve four automotive manufacturing plants, each receiving more than fifteen dimensional gauging stations to be positioned throughout the manufacturing process. The stations will measure a number of vehicle subassemblies, including doors, side frames, hoods and underbodies, as well as the completed vehicle body.

Perceptron’s stated goal is to reduce process variation by providing a real-time view of production quality. This enables vehicle manufacturers to make adjustments on the fly and quickly evaluate the results. The following video demonstrates some of Perceptron’s automotive capabilities:

The gauging stations are currently in the design phase, with plant installations expected to begin in January 2017. Perceptron’s Rick Van Valkenburg commented on the company’s relationship with its mysterious new automotive manufacturing customer.

“We have worked closely with the customer to develop an accurate solution for them to collect quality information on the first part through the line,” he said. “We are exceptionally pleased by their decision to make Perceptron an integral part of their quality control strategy.”

So who exactly is the North American automotive customer?

Since we’re talking about four manufacturing plants, we know it’s not Tesla. According to Perceptron’s website: “Perceptron hosts all of the world’s leading automotive group within its customer portfolio.” In North America, that means either Ford, General Motors, or Fiat Chrysler. Of those three, Perceptron has previously provided metrology solutions to both Ford and GM, so it seems likely that the new project is a partnership with one of them.

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