Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Electromagnetic Machines

CD-adapco connects its acquired SPEED and HEEDS technologies for electromagnetic MDO.

Image courtesy of CD-adapco.

Image courtesy of CD-adapco.

CD-adapco has released the latest version of their electromagnetic machine design tool: SPEED 10.06. The focus of this release is to bring more automation into the design of electric machinery.

To implement this automation into SPEED, CD-adapco has made it easier to connect with its multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) software, HEEDS. Users can now choose from a library of connection types to better automate their design optimizations.

This will allow engineers to explore the design space and optimize their products based on geometry and operating conditions. Additionally, with SPEED’s ability to connect to STAR-CCM+, users will be able to bring some multiphysics MDO to the design of their machinery.

“This release marks a first step toward fully automated multidisciplinary design exploration for electric machines,” said Markus Anders, electric machine sector manager at CD-adapco. “By providing a closer link between SPEED and HEEDS MDO, we enable our customers to take full advantage of both the efficient design space exploration strategies available in HEEDS MDO and the cutting-edge electric machine analysis technologies they are already using in SPEED.”

CD-adapco notes that by integrating HEEDS’ optimization technology with SPEED, engineers will be able to improve their product’s service life, reduce their time to market and reduce costs.

Other improvements to SPEED include:

  • Loss estimations for friction, stray load loss and windage
  • Dialog box to create geometry-based node distributions to increase mesh density

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