MSC Reports Apex Release Can Build CAE Model Assemblies in Minutes

Apex Grizzly release speeds up modeling and expands structural analysis capabilities.

Apex Grizzly software by MSC. (Credit:

Apex Grizzly software by MSC. (Credit:

MSC Software Corporation has announced Grizzly, the seventh release of MSC Apex, their Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) platform.

Grizzly expedites modeling and validation tasks in an integrated and generative workflow, allowing rapid iteration on the design to validate the stiffness, strength, and stability of large assemblies. Operations that previously took hours can now be performed in minutes.

The release also introduces new geometry clean-up and de-featuring tools to eliminate manual rework, allowing the user to automate model preparation tasks. Additionally, a new implementation of glue and tie connections speeds-up assembly creation and allows users to create large assemblies of parts using mesh dependent connections while preserving the product structure.

“With MSC Apex Grizzly we have seen our Beta testers build and validate designs of thousands of parts in a day,” said Hugues Jeancolas, MSC Apex Senior Product Manager.

MSC is also working to solve the issues faced by users working with massive assemblies such as large cranes, ship hulls, or shipyard ramps. These assemblies often include thousands of parts welded together, and present unique challenges to finite element modeling, model validation and simulation. Users may need weeks to months to build finite element models, and often struggle to run simulation for more than a few design iterations. Apex Grizzly is working to provide a more accurate alternative to the previous approximate methods used to evaluate these large fabricated structures.

Additionally, MSC Apex builds on its previous strides in integrated and generative framework with new analysis readiness remedy tools and an improved user experience scenario set-up, model validation and simulation execution. MSC Apex Grizzly also features a macro record and replay capability to help users develop python scripts to automate geometry modeling, meshing and scenario set-up tasks. Overall, Apex Grizzly is built around the goal of creating a faster and more accurate tool.

This release comes some after some of MSC’s other new releases and acquisitions, including their acquisition of autonomous vehicle simulation software company VIRES Simulationstechnologie and release of Adams Real Time.

Apex Grizzly will be available for use in June 2017.