More Licensing Options Available to Run ANSYS on Rescale’s Cloud-Based HPC

ANSYS pay-per-use licensing is now compatible on Rescale’s cloud computing tool.

Image represents how an Elastic License can be used only when needed. (Image courtesy of Rescale.)

Image represents how an Elastic License can be used only when needed. (Image courtesy of Rescale.)

Engineers looking to access pay-as-you-go computational power for their ANSYS simulations will now be able to run their models in Rescale with ANSYS Elastic Licensing.

The Elastic Licensing model is the ANSYS version of a pay-per-use software license for cloud computing. Engineers using ANSYS traditional lease and paid-up licenses will also be able to run their simulations on Rescale’s cloud. Using these licenses, engineers can now access the vast computing power of Rescale.

Rescale’s high performance computing (HPC) cloud will be compatible with much of the ANSYS range of physics, such as:

  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Electromagnetics
  • Explicit dynamics
  • Structural mechanics
  • Multiphysics

ANSYS technology will be preconfigured and optimized to run in the HPC cloud via any browser.

“We’ve always given our customers a number of deployment options with our comprehensive range of engineering simulation software products,” said Ray Milhem, vice president of Enterprise Solutions & Cloud at ANSYS. “Now, by making our software available on Rescale with Elastic Licensing, we’re also giving the option to elastically expand their simulations and hardware to better meet project timing. Engineers have more power and more flexibility than ever before.”

To get a sense of how big this HPC cloud network is, Rescale notes that it has over 60 data centers in 25 locations around the globe. As a result, engineers can each access thousands of cores and hardware configurations that are tailored to their simulation models and software.

“Customers love the flexibility that our turnkey solution and pay-as-you-go hardware gives them, and we are excited to be extending that flexibility to ANSYS software users. Agile resources will help our mutual customers utilize computing and simulation to drive new innovations faster across a broad spectrum of industries,” said Rescale cofounder and CEO Joris Poort.

Engineers should note that Rescale isn’t just a cloud-based HPC system; it also houses collaboration and administration tools to help the management of the project. The system also has its share of security issues, including SOC2/ITAR compliance and built-in enterprise-grade encryption.

To learn more about Rescale, read: For Large Simulations, Rescale’s Platform is a Big Gun.

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