ModeFrontier and Moldex3D get new releases while Siemens gives automotive a leg up simulation roundup of recent news.

Siemens enables pre-silicon development for Arm’s latest automotive chip

Siemens Digital Industries Software will enable pre-silicon development via its hardware-assisted verification tool PAVE360 for software defined vehicle (SDV) development. The tool will provide a simulation environment to assess the new Arm Cortex-A720AE IP CPU semiconductor that was launched this month. This will enable tier one and OEMS to use simulation to develop tools for the chip before the silicon is physically available. PAVE360’s cloud-based simulations are designed to compete with traditional evaluation boards and help remove the reliance on conventional on-premises modeling and simulation infrastructure.

(Image: Siemens.)

(Image: Siemens.)

Volta and modeFrontier 2024R1 available

Esteco, a digital engineering solutions provider, has released 2024R1 versions of Volta, its simulation process and data management (SPDM) and design optimization software, and modeFrontier, its simulation process automation and design optimization software. The Volta release enables system administrators to share the control of various tasks when overloaded or on scheduled/unscheduled absences. By sharing these tasks, and these tasks alone, the system administrator no longer has to give control to the whole system to ensure work is done without them.

This extension in the management of admin privileges can therefore increase productivity, efficiency and security. The modeFrontier workflow has also been improved by simplifying how to integrate it with more CAD and CAE software offerings. For instance, when setting up a communication between tools, users can run a single design test with default and custom values to verify the connection is running properly. This testing feature is compatible with Abaqus, Adams/Car, Adams/View, Ansys Workbench, AVL AST, Ansa, Simcenter Amesim, Catia, GT-suite, CST Studio Suite and mETA.

Moldex3D 2024 released

CoreTech Systems, CAE solutions provider for the plastic and injection molding industry, has just released the 2024 version of its flagship tool Moldex3D. Improvements include advancements to the software’s Compression Molding simulations. This tool can predict the mold temperature changes during the mold movement process, ensuring more accurate results. This will help to identify potential design problems and optimize designs for manufacturing costs, flexibility, weight and safety earlier in the product design cycle.

Meanwhile, the software’s Resin Transfer Molding Module helps engineers assess and select production conditions for filling and curing. The release includes a wizard that helps post-process and complete these assessments to help optimize resin-based manufacturing processes early in a product’s development. Other improvements to the software will help engineers:

  • Address electronics encapsulation for IC packaging design.
  • Design plastic components based on quality and efficiency.
  • Connect, collaborate and share data via the Moldiverse cloud platform.
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