Mercedes Debuts its Newest Supercar Engine

Performance and economy are in great supply in Mercedes’ new AMG engine. But can it compete with Ferrari and Porsche?

Mercedes, supercar, engine, performance, nanotechGerman automotive giant Mercedes has finally introduced its newest AMG GT engine, a tantalizing piece of machinery for any car enthusiast.

While the luxury carmaker has been quite secretive about the newest edition to its supercar heritage, a new website is adding some detail to the 2015 AMG GT image. According to Mercedes the GT will be driven by a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8. Churning out a reported 510HP at 6250RPM, the AMG’s engine will also deliver 650 Nm of torque through its 1750 and 4750 RPM range, giving the street legal racer more than enough charge to push through its gears with force.

Outside of raw performance numbers the AMG GT’s engine has also been rigorously engineered to provide its vehicle with as smooth a ride as possible. Central to this goal are the engine’s active mountings and its dual mass flywheel.

In addition to its improved responsiveness and mechanics the AMG’s engine will perform better than its predecessors thanks to a new synthetic lubricant Mercedes calls Nanoslide. According to the automaker, its new composite lubricant will help the AMG GT achieve significantly reduced friction and oil consumption.

While Mercedes has been willing to open up about the mechanics of its new power plant it has yet to release concrete numbers on the AMG’s top speed, 0-100km (0-62mph) acceleration or its quarter mile time. Though its performance is likely to astound I’m curious if Mercedes’ newest supercar will have the pace to keep up with its equally pedigreed competition in Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche.

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Image and Video Courtesy of Mercedes