Medieval Name, Modern Security

Until this morning I wasn’t familiar with the term “barbican”. According to Wikipedia a barbican is a “fortified outpost or gateway, such as an outer defense to a city or castle, or any tower situated over a gate or bridge which was used for defensive purposes.”

A recent patent awarded to the aptly named Barbecan Security Systems outlines a technology that could be used to create a “security portal system” that creates secure areas in locations ranging from airports to schools.

The Barbecan LRD portal is a made of multiple bullet-proof gates that move forward down a hallway allowing pedestrians to enter the “portal” but never presenting them with a clear path through the gated area. As the pedestrian walks further through the LRD portal a second door closes behind them isolating them from others who might be entering the same area. While isolated the LRD portal can scan an individual for weapons and “arrest” the person’s movement if they’re armed.  If everything is all clear the portal’s doors will continue moving forward allowing the individual to enter a secured area.

Now it may seem like the LRD portal is a human traffic jam waiting to happen, but the portal has one further trick up its sleeve. Equipped with a host of infrared, radio, visual and sonic sensors, the Barbecan LRD portal can detect the flow of traffic progressing through an area and adapt its speed of operation to accommodate any volume of traffic while still maintaining the tightest security.

See Barbecan’s Security Portal in Action Below

Images and Video Courtesy of Wikipedia and Barbecan