MCMA Launches Motion Control Certification for Professionals

Motion Control and Motor Association certification program to debut at Automate 2017.

The Motion Control and Motor Association (MCMA) recently launched the MCMA Certified Motion Control Professional program to offer training and certification to professionals working with motion control, motors and automation technologies.

Professionals can earn basic level certification by taking a series of training courses and passing a written exam.

The Certified Motion Control Professional basic level training covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Machine design
  • The physics of motion
  • Mechanical motion control components and subsystems
  • Inertia and reflected inertia
  • Magnetism and motor basics
  • Positioner selection and motor sizing
  • Digital servo amplifiers
  • Motion controllers
  • Programming
  • System design basics

“The technological advances and growing demand for motion control technologies have broadened the range of the skills needed to be successful,” said Dana Whalls, VP of MCMA.

“Today’s job market calls for greater specialization and the motion control field is no exception. Adding certification to your portfolio showcases your technical proficiency and gives you and the company you work for a competitive marketplace advantage.”

MCMA spent two years developing the curriculum and certification program.

“The industry needed a high-quality basic motion control training program and we think that end-users and industry professionals alike will benefit from it,” said John Payne, VP of Yaskawa America’s Motion Division and past MCMA Board Chairperson.

Professionals certified with the program are listed on MCMA’s website. The basic level certification is valid for five years.

MCMA intends to provide the training in person and online to broaden the global availability of the program. The organization also plans to develop an advanced-level training and certification.

MCMA’s Certified Motion Control Professional program will be available for the first time at Automate 2017.

To learn more about the certification program or to register, visit Motion Control and Motor Association website.