MatterFab Introduces Cheaper Metal Printer

MatterFab introduces a metal printer that's "an order of magnitude" cheaper than competitors. Will metal AM finally make it consumer hands? 

3D printing, metal, dmls, sintering matterfabMatterFab’s industrial 3D metal printer changes the game for metal printing.

MatterFab is bringing its low cost industrial 3D metal printer out of stealth mode, creating opportunities for manufacturers across the world in the injection molding, medical, and aerospace industries.

MatterFab’s 3D metal printer is an order of magnitude cheaper and has the same quality as million dollar metal 3D printers. This means that every industry can take advantage of the strengths and freedom of metal 3D printing. MatterFab has focused on lowering the total cost of ownership for industrial additive printing, pioneering lower machine, support, and material costs.

Matterfab significantly increases productivity in metal printing and complements existing CNC solutions. Metal 3D printing can deliver injection molds that double productivity for no additional cost, create custom medical implants, and airlines will save billions annually in fuel saving due to weight reduction with parts that can only be made with 3D printers

MatterFab has developed the first US based powder bed fusion metal 3D printer. We are bringing American ingenuity and leadership to metal 3D printing.

“3D Printing is going to revolutionize design and manufacturing in the 21st century.” according to Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX. Matterfab is seen as the next step forward in that transition. Kim Brand of 3D Parts Manufacturing stated, “The next barrier faced by additive manufacturing is affordable 3D printing using a variety of metals.  Make that ‘was.’  MatterFab has just crashed through that barrier.”

Source: MatterFab