Massivit 3D Opens New Americas Experience Center in Atlanta

The new facility houses Massivit 3D’s latest 3D printing technologies and will offer live demonstrations and training.

The Americas Experience Center located in Atlanta, Ga. (Image courtesy of Massive 3D Printing Technologies.)

The Americas Experience Center located in Atlanta, Ga. (Image courtesy of Massive 3D Printing Technologies.)

Large-scale 3D printing systems provider Massivit 3D Printing Technologies formally opened its new Americas Experience Center on August 25. The 6,400-square-foot facility is located in the Atlanta metro area of Georgia and will provide customers and potential clients with expert advice, demonstrations, sample printing and training on Massivit 3D’s additive manufacturing technology solutions. The center currently houses the latest Massivit 5000 printer as well as its predecessor, the Massivit 1800. The company marked the grand opening with a weeklong event. Attending the celebration were industry leaders, customers, prospects and stakeholders from various sectors, including education, automotive, marine, rail, defense, scenic fabrication, and visual communication.

Through live demonstrations at the center, visitors and attendees can also explore the features and capabilities of the Massivit 1800 Pro and the recently launched Massivit 5000. The industrial large format 5000 3D printer was introduced in June and is capable of printing parts 1.8 meters tall. It has a build volume of 145 cm in width, 111 cm in depth, and 180 cm in height and offers up to a 30x faster production speed compared to other additive manufacturing technologies. The printer is particularly beneficial to manufacturers in the automotive, marine, and rail sectors, allowing organizations to produce large, custom parts in just hours.

Meanwhile, the flagship 1800 Pro 3D printer is ideal for large volume, high-quality industrial applications. The printer uses gel dispensing printing (GDP) technology, which is similar to fused filament fabrication (FFF). However, one distinct trait of GDP is its use of UV-sensitive gel material that hardens when exposed to UV light. The printer has a build volume of 145 cm in width, 111 cm in depth, and 180 cm in height. Coupled with GDP methods, it can produce high-quality, super-sized signage, displays and props for visual communication.

The Experience Center was also specially designed to later host the Massivit 10000 system that is set to officially launch in early 2022. The new Massivit 10000 is anticipated to transform the production processes involved in composite mold manufacturing. According to the company, the system will be capable of reducing production time from weeks to just a number of days. However, visitors at the new Americas Experience Center will have the opportunity to gain access to early-bird benefits, as well as get acquainted with the system and its capabilities as early as this year.

“This is an important milestone for the company, especially in the Americas region. We are making a clear statement to the market with regards to our wide portfolio of available solutions and their ability to transform our customers’ business, design, development, and manufacturing processes,” shared Kevin Sykes, Massivit 3D’s North America president. “The new experience center significantly reinforces our presence in North America and will help us showcase our cutting-edge capability in real time. This will help our customers and partners witness the products in action and gain the confidence that Massivit 3D is the right choice for them.”

For more information, visit Massivit 3D’s website.