Luxion’s Keyshot 4.2

Luxion has released Keyshot 4.2 with significant performance enhancements to existing features as well as several new features users will surely love.

When is a software dot release newsworthy?  When that dot release is for Luxion’s Keyshot!  Or, to be more objective, when the dot release has as many enhancements like Keyshot 4.2 that it really should be a full update release.

I don’t know why Luxion chooses to pack in all these features into a dot release, but at the pace of the partnerships they’ve been making lately, I can understand why the expansive user base must be asking more of Luxion at an ever increasing rate.

What’s Improved?

Keyshot(R) , the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program, has improved many of the daily use features that users will take advantage of in terms of increased speed and productivity:

    • rendering,
    • usability,
    • control,
    • integration and
    • animation.

What’s New?

But why stop at fixing bugs (assumed by the author because that’s what is often included in any software’s dot release) and improving existing tools when new features can be added as well:

    • groups,
    • set core usage,
    • material swap,
    • scene revision, and
    • realtime presets.

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