LPT: Sensors and Instruments – FLIR Thermal Camera, Infineon Image Sensor and More

New products from First Sensor, FLIR, Infineon Technologies, STMicroelectronics and Sensirion.

First Sensor Inertial Sensors

Inertial sensor. (Image courtesy of First Sensor.)

First Sensor has launched a generation of capacitive silicon inertial sensors designed for smart structural monitoring. The sensors provide the resolution and low noise density required for recording vibrations or changes of inclination in wind turbines, bridges and high-rise buildings, thereby uncovering risks in the structure or material at an early stage.

The sensors for measuring tilt, acceleration and vibration consist of a silicon sensor element made in accordance with a micromechanical process (HARMS, AIM) in conjunction with a signal-processing ASIC in a hermetically sealed SMD housing.

For more information, visit First Sensor’s website.

FLIR Thermal Camera

T840 thermal camera. (Image courtesy of FLIR.)

FLIR has released its T840 thermal camera. The camera offers a brighter display and an integrated viewfinder to help users find and diagnose failing components in any lighting conditions, avoiding costly power outages and plant shutdowns.

The 464×348-resolution camera incorporates the company’s Vision Processing, including MSX image enhancement technology, UltraMax and adaptive filtering algorithms to provide users with enhanced measurement accuracy and image clarity with half the image noise of previous models.

For more information, visit FLIR’s website.

Infineon Time-of-Flight Image Sensor

REAL3 image sensor diagram. (Image courtesy of Infineon Technologies.)

Infineon Technologies has developed the fourth generation of its REAL3 image sensor. The sensor can be utilized for secure user authentication – like face or hand recognition – to unlock the device and confirm payments. In addition, the 3D ToF chip enhances augmented reality, morphing and photo (e.g. bokeh) effects and can be used to scan a room.

Measuring 4.6 x 5 mm, the image sensor features a 150 k (448 x 336) pixel output that comes close to the HVGA standard resolution. This makes the resolution four times higher than that of previous generations. The pixel array is also sensitive to 940 nm infrared light and provides improved outdoor performance.

For more information, visit Infineon’s website.

STMicroelectronics Accelerometer

LIS2DTW12 accelerometer. (Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics.)

STMicroelectronics has introduced its LIS2DTW12 chip, which combines a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer and a temperature sensor on a single die for use in space-constrained and battery-sensitive detectors such as shipping trackers, wearables and IoT endpoints. The sensing accuracy of 0.8 °C provides precision comparable with stand-alone standard temperature sensors.

For more information, visit STMicroelectronics’ website.

Sensirion Flow Sensor

SFM3400 flow sensor. (Image courtesy of Sensirion.)

Sensirion has unveiled its SFM3400 flow sensor. The SFM3400 is aimed primarily at the medical device industry, and the performance of the gas flow sensor is based on technology that combines the sensor element, signal processing and digital calibration into one microchip.

The flow rate of gases is measured using a microthermal sensor element that, among other advantages, enables a wider dynamic measurement range and improved long-term stability compared to other measurement principles. All flow meters come factory calibrated, which makes them straightforward to use without prior or repeated calibration.

For more information, visit Sensirion’s website.

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