Lotus Debuts its First Motorbike – The C-01

lotus, motorcycle, HP, sci-fi, future, speed, race

lotus, motorcycle, HP, sci-fi, future, speed, race

After two years of developments world renowned automaker Lotus has debuted its first motorcycle, the C-01.

Designed by Daniel Simon, who created the Lightcycle and Bubbleship vehicles for both the Tron and Oblivion movies, the C-01 is certainly something straight out of the future.

Sporting a 1,955cc V-Twin engine the C-01 will produce some 200HP. Given the fact that the 180kg (400lbs) bike has been sculpted from titanium and steel with a carbon fiber body one has to believe that Lotus’ machine is ready to race.

According to Daniel Simon, “The design process of the C-01 was a labor of love, there were many challenges, ensuring that the bike not only touches your visual senses with its timeless blend of classic appeal and modern execution, but that is safe and ergonomically sound was critical to me.”

Simon continued, “We have worked hard to create a motorcycle with very distinctive features such as a clean main body, an extremely low side profile, a bold stance, a unique air intake, logical part line solutions and clean graphics.”

While only 100 C-01 will ever see the light of day owners will have a number of body liveries to choose from and, according to Lotus, “[a] customization service is also available, limited only by the imagination of the client.”

As of this writing Lotus hasn’t attached a price tag or release date for its first two-wheeled offering. However, if I were to guess I’d image the bike won’t be cheap, but we will see it hit the streets by the end of the year.

Image Courtesy of Lotus Motorcycle