Lost Your Keys Lately?

How many times have you lost your car keys, smart phones, iPod clips, reading glasses or remote control? You say to yourself, “It’s somewhere in the house!”, but you have no clue where you put it.

And it’s not just an inconvenience.  Sometimes, losing things can really cost you, like if you miss a flight or are late to an important meeting…

As a result, there is now a market of solutions that ‘locate things’. The Gadget Hound is a new player in this market. Developed by a group of engineers, the system promises to be an elegant and practical solution for finding things.

The system uses a multi-button transmitter with a number of corresponding battery-operated tiny receivers.  The receivers are less than the size of a quarter, so they can attach to any small object.  When you lose an item, you press a button on the transmitter, which causes an alarm to sound on the receiver.  The alarm is loud, so it will guide you to the exact location of the lost object. 

The receiver is optimized to provide a long battery life. When the battery is getting low, the transmitter flashes a warning light. You can recharge the device with the included flip-up, plug-in component.

The company has demonstrated the device in a 3,000 square foot house.  The demonstration included some challenging locations, such as under cushions, behind walls, doors, etc. From watching the demo I couldn’t tell how the system would perform in a larger or noisier environment or in a building made of concrete or steel like a typical apartment or office building.

Overall: with its simple and innovative design, the Gadget Hound has the potential to be a big player in the locator market. The Company has created a pre-order solution for its winter release through its crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.com. 

For details see: http://www.thegadgethound.com/

Video Link for Demonstration: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/252615