LED Globes You Can Hold In Your Hand

Lumilife led globe and lighting base article

Lumilife delivers an intelligent, LED lighting system you can customize to any space.

Lumilife is an elegant LED lamp that you can control with your smartphone. The lamp itself is shaped like a globe and you can move it around, place it on the stand, or even tuck it away for ambient effects. Using your smartphone or the control at the base of the stand, you can also adjust the globe to whatever color you’d like it to be. If you’re the more hands on type though, you can also pick the globe up and adjust the color by rotating the two halves.

The Lumilife globe is capable of producing 16 million colors using high-lux SMD LEDs. It is easy to adjust and comes with a variety of preset lighting patterns. Though if you prefer, you can always create your own patterns too. The globe also has a built-in proximity sensor and can be programmed to turn on when a person is near. If you prefer a different level of light, you can also adjust the brightness. It can even be programmed to flash when your smartphone receives a call or to wake you up with light in the morning.

The globe doesn’t get to have all the fun either. The base incorporates a downward facing light which can be controlled using your smartphone or the controls on the base of the stand. At the top of the base is a dock for the globe, which not only holds it place but serves to charge the globe as well. Should you be away from your stand though, the globe can also be charged with a mini USB cable. 6-8 hours of charging time will provide 8 hours of continuous operation.

The Lumilife specifications are as follows:

Lighting Base

  • Control panel to adjust hue, saturation, brightness and to turn on/off

  • Built-in charging dock for portable globe

  • Control with app on smart devices

Portable Globe

  • Twist globe to adjust hue and turn on/off

  • Control with app on smart devices

Downloadable Free App

  • Change hue and saturation

  • Adjustable brightness

  • Programmable timer

  • Individual and group control

  • iOS (first)

  • Select preset patterns

  • Select flashing alert for incoming calls

The app supports multiple globes too. You can set each with its own pattern, or you can even operate the whole group in tandem. Thanks to a built-in proximity sensor, you could also place globes on stairs, in corridors, or along benches and see them come alive as you approach them.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ellen Wang, co-founder of Lumilife, about the design and development of their product. According to Wang, they decided to build Lumilife to showcase what could be done with LED lighting, and in just a matter of 8 months they have brought forth a completed prototype product. When asked about the significant design challenges of such a project, Wang emphasized three different aspects:

1. The thin form factor of the lighting base caused difficulty in making it structurally sound.

2. Making the globe twist for control was a significant mechanical challenge.

3. Writing and debugging the firmware was a long and difficult task.

The Lumilife may not be for everyone, but it is hard not to appreciate its elegant design and unique concept. Even in the increasingly crowded market of smartphone-controlled lighting, Lumilife manages to stand apart and deliver an aesthetically pleasing mixture of design and capabilities.