JSOL to update Electromagnetic Multiphysics Code for STAR-CCM+

Improved Co-Simulation of Thermal and Electromagnetics to be Developed

It wasn’t long ago that JSOL announced a partnership with the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). This agreement aimed to involve JMAG, their electromagnetic solution, into the Hyperworks platform. Now, CD-adapco has announced that the Japanese electromagnetic simulation company has been tapped to help produce co-simulation code to improve the coupling of thermal and electromagnetic multiphysics for STAR-CCM+

“Enabling the co-simulation of both thermal and electromagnet phenomena using best-in-class tools will allow users to truly optimise product designs,” said Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, CD-adapco Senior VP. “This collaboration builds on the existing relationship and data transfer methods already being used between our flagship product, STAR-CCM+, and JSOL’s JMAG code”

The first collaboration between CD-adapco and JSOL was back in 2013, when a method to transfer data between their respective software was established. This link was able to transfer component temperature distributions and electromagnetic loss distributions.

However, this new project will work to improve the coupling of JMAG and STAR-CCM+. This is required to produce optimized product designs as electro mechanic calculations are temperature dependant.  

“We are very pleased to be partnering with CD-adapco and to introduce co-simulation methods between these best-in-class technologies … We hope that together we can provide smooth and reliable multi-physics/multi-disciplinary simulations with STAR-CCM+ and JMAG for that will benefit our joint customers,” said Dr. Takashi Yamada, JSOL’s Manager of the Electromagnetic Engineering Group.

The first release of this optimized JSOL/STAR-CCM+ multiphysics will be available sometime in 2015.

Source CD-adapco.

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